Luxury Crystal Cabinets


Luxury Crystal Cabinets


This timeless design with its gracefully arched top compliments all decors from classic to modern while providing an elegant showcase for your collection.

Choose from four sizes starting at US $158.

The largest size is available with variable shelf spacing that can accommodate figurines up to ten inches in height.

Crystal Palace

  • Available in two color choices: 24 Carat gold plating or polished nickel (silver).
  • All sizes have four shelves
    All doors include a SWAROSKI crystal door knob
  • Halogen lighting is available for the largest size and can be shipped with a US 110V power adapter
  • All Crystal Models can be hung on any sufficiently stable wall using included hardware
  • Made in Europe (EU)

Display Case also for Swarovski Figurines

Originally sold exclusively through Swarovski distributors in Europe, AMA Crystal Cabinets have been the first choice of the most discerning collectors for over fifteen years. With delicate profiles of either 24 carat gold plate or polished nickel (silver), each glass cabinet is handmade by European craftsmen. The heirloom quality of our elegant showcases will enhance the impeccable taste and beauty of your collection for years to come.

AMA Crystal Cabinets are available in a variety of sizes. Each elegant, handcrafted glass case is fully enclosed with a door opening to the front. Ideal for collections of Swarovski Crystal or fine art collectibles, all cabinets have a high quality halogen lighting system to further enhance the beauty of your collection.

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